Pray:  Scores of alumni have written passionate letters and emails describing how they are praying for the leaders of colleges, universities, and schools. Many have spoken of forming bonds and relationships with life-long friends, future spouses, etc.  Several have shared how their college experience gave them an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus Christ and permanently changed their lives.  The Foundation's directors request that alumni and friends join us in our prayer that the academic and spiritual environment from our years as students may be extended to the next generation.

Give:  The EC Foundation has been the recipient of several significant restricted gifts.  The donors have, in some cases, directed the use of the funds.  We have been extremely pleased and humbled to merit the confidence of donors who have trusted us to administer their gifts.  We have been given some latitude to support activities that sustain and validate appropriate traditions.  We encourage you to continue to remember the EC Foundation as an additional avenue to support Christian Liberal Arts education.  Gifts to the Foundation are fully tax-exempt and will be acknowledged.  We are prepared to accept gifts in the form of checks, securities through our account in a local brokerage firm, agreements that transfer assets, and other instruments.

To contribute via US Mail:

EC Foundation

Post Office Box 581

Due West, SC  29639 

If you would like your gift to be recorded in memory or in honor of an individual, please email that information to If you would like us to inform the family or the honoree of your gift, please include their contact information.