The EC Foundation is dedicated to promoting Christian colleges, universities, and schools in the manner which promote “knowledge joined with morals” and Christian values in a liberal arts setting.


The EC Foundation was incorporated in April 2010. The EC Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation maintained and controlled by alumni and friends of Christian colleges.


The EC Foundation is a conduit for designated gifts to colleges, universities, and schools and also for undesignated gifts.  The Board of Directors aims to make wise and responsible decisions in regard to how any undesignated funds are spent.


The Foundation desires to see institutional cultures which are open, supportive, and encouraging; which foster personal and professional growth; which encourage spiritual growth; and which treat faculty, staff and students fairly. 


The Foundation is financially responsible and accountable with all assets which are entrusted to it.  We use sound and widely acceptable financial-management practices. Further, the Foundation complies with and makes every effort to exceed all legal, regulatory and ethical requirements that apply to any supportive involvement we have now or will develop in the future with any and all institutions.